Remote Office

What is a remote office?

A remote office/branch office (ROBO) is a business site located some distance away from the organisation’s headquarters or main office. A remote office is usually a home office or a smaller office than the company headquarters and may be located at someone's private residence, in a remote area, another town, state or country. A remote office may operate similarly to the main office or may be a separate business unit or provide specialised services, such as production, import, export, retail location or accounting. For example: retail locations, oil rigs, kiosks, cruise ships, forward-deployed military operations and airport security devices.

Management and maintenance of remote office IT infrastructure

Maintaining a branch location with onsite IT support is often an expensive and inefficient method to ROBO deployments. Managing separate tiers of infrastructure requires special training for existing IT personnel. These requirements can span across dozens to hundreds of branch locations.

G2IT offers centralised infrastructure management, simplicity and intelligence for everyday operations and insights into capacity planning and forecast. Our specialised technicians utilise tools that make it possible to schedule upgrades for hundreds of remote sites and provide network visualisation allowing remote troubleshooting.

G2IT recommends Fortinet and Nutanix as reliable solutions providers and can provide consulting, implementation and ongoing support for your ROBO locations.

Business Continuity and Coronavirus - Is your business prepared for the impact of COVID-19?

Amid the spread of Coronavirus in Australia, many companies are concerned about their employees' health and have begun encouraging them to work from home. The shift, done to protect the spread of the infection in Australia could potentially expose your business to communication breakdown, loss of productivity and cyber attacks.

Let's look at the four biggest risk factors and what you can do to mitigate the impact of this unprecedented event.

Are your staff prepared to work from home?

Things to consider:

  • do you have working-from-home policies and procedures and are they up to date?
  • are you prepared for a loss of productivity due to change in staff work arrangements?
  • do staff know how to securely connect to your business infrastructure via remote access?

If you are unsure about any of these questions, give us a call immediately: 1300 325 487.

What hardware and software do you need for secure remote access?

  • Two Factor Authentication for Office365 and trustworthy VPN access.
  • Up to date Firewall, set up to protect your business infrastructure in the office.
  • Remote phone / software setup to allow for continued communication with office staff and customers.
  • Up to date Anti-Virus for End Point Protection.
  • Up to date Windows or Mac computers, capable of accessing your business remotely.

If you are unsure and need assistance to secure your systems, call us now: 1300 325 487.

Can you take your business phone system home?

Do your clients call the business landline to reach you or your staff? What happens with these calls if everyone is working remotely? If you need your phone line, we recommend to change to VoIP - telephony over the internet. 3CX is our preferred provider as they offer easy to use interfaces, apps and a multitude of functions designed to keep your phone lines live. 3CX can be used as a Softphone on your computer or utilised as an app through your mobile phone - all you need is an internet connection.

Call 1300 325 487 to talk about how 3CX could help you work remotely.

Can your infrastructure handle an increased load of remote access?

If your workforce starts accessing systems remotely, you'll experience an increase in internet traffic. Is your ADSL or NBN connection capable of handling the additional activity? Are your servers and systems (on-site and off-site) capable of handling an increase in remote connections and access?

If you are uncertain about your systems not being able to handle the change, get in touch immediately: 1300 325 487.

What do you get with G2IT's remote office IT Support Perth?

  • Reduced support cost through maintenance agreements
  • Increased manageability of your remote office / home office systems
  • One-stop-shop for IT support
  • Perth based and fully Australian owned

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