Backup & Recovery

Data Backup & Recovery Services Perth, Fremantle & Esperance

Every business owner should understand the importance of backing up company data. No matter how reliable and stable a computer system appears to be, there is always the possibility of a malfunction erasing valuable data. To avoid loss of data, G2IT recommends the implementation of onsite & offsite storage (backup) and disaster recovery systems.

What is the difference between onsite and offsite storage (backup)?

Onsite backup systems usually involve storing important data on a periodic basis on local storage devices, such as external hard drives, network attached storage devices or storage area networks.

Onsite storage has some advantages, including:

  • immediate access to data
  • less expensive
  • Internet access not needed.

Offsite storage requires storing data on a server at a different physical location. This can be achieved using the Internet and cloud services.

G2IT offers clients the use of its own data centre, with all data encrypted using Military grade encryption standards.

Offsite storage has some advantages over onsite storage, including:

  • Geological displacement from current infrastructure. If anything should happen to the site, your data is safe and sound from the disaster.
  • G2IT offers Disaster recovery options, with your data safe and sound in our data centre.
  • We can virtualise most of the workloads and give you access to your backup data within hours.
  • We can ship your data anywhere.

Onsite storage has one distinct disadvantage over offsite storage: in the event of a catastrophic event, such as fire, flood, vandalism or theft, onsite data storage can be destroyed or lost.

What backup and recovery options are right for me and my business?

Some business owners want to monitor and keep track of their data on site only with their backup systems. Others will choose both, onsite and offsite servers to backup data.

When it comes to the decision of offsite and onsite backup options, G2IT will recommend a combination of both. By having both onsite and offsite backup systems in place, issues on either side can be remedied through recovery from the disaster recovery site.

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