Project Management

What is IT Project Management?

“IT project management is the process of managing the plan, organisation, and accountability to achieve information technology goals.”

The reach of IT spans across most of a business or enterprise and the scope of these projects can vary – from setting up a new WiFi printer in a small office to complex software implementations over several systems and locations.

The scale of IT projects often means that it’s more than just applying knowledge, aligning skills, and using regular tools and techniques to complete a project.

G2IT project managers deal with challenges of complex integrations, technology changes, scope creep and any other changes which can occur within the lifespan of a project.

Benefits of using a skilled G2IT project manager

G2IT project managers are based in Perth and Esperance. We provide a wide range of solutions and expertise.

For example:

  • Handle hardware and software integrations
  • Carry out construction of intranets and extranets
  • Implement database storage and management
  • Build complex networks and geographically diverse infrastructures
  • Plan and allocate IT resources

Throughout the projects, G2IT project managers are responsible for:

  • identifying and formulating scope
  • setting realistic and achievable goals
  • communicating and motivating team members while keeping stakeholders in the loop
  • identifying risks and opportunities
  • researching
  • managing change
  • performing needs assessment
  • sequencing tasks
  • keeping projects within time and budget

G2IT project managers can organise each aspect of IT infrastructure management, pictured below.

G2IT project management services are suited for businesses and organisations based in Perth and Esperance

Successful IT project management combines the implementation of project management standards, best practices with the art of managing conflict, change, expectations, and more.

Our project managers will select a methodology that fits the skills of your team and the project objectives.

Once this is set, we implement the following to make your IT project a success:

  • Assess whether the project is a good use of resources and whether the project outcome will satisfy a business need.
  • Complete a project charter, and have a good understanding of task dependencies and how missed milestones could impact overall timelines.
  • Regularly communicate and host meetings to discuss status and any project blockers.
  • Use IT project management tools that enable us to monitor progress in real time.
  • Debrief the project and identify things that went well, what could have been better, and what you would change next time.

How can G2IT assist with IT project management?

Our specialist team can take on any IT project, working within your budget to undertake:

  • Hardware or software procurement
  • Office 365 Cloud Service deployment
  • Public or Private cloud hosting
  • Infrastructure design and implementation
  • Set up, installation and integration of your new or moved system, including liaison with third parties such as internet service providers, hosts and servers
  • Resolution of any issues that may arise

What do you get with G2IT project management service?

  • Reduced support cost through services agreements
  • Increased manageability of your systems
  • One-stop-shop for IT support
  • Perth based
  • Australian owned

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