3 myths about ransomware debunked

16th Sep 2020

As more and more business operations move online, it is essential for your cybersecurity measures to be robust and up-to-date. Ransomware can put your important data at risk, so in this blog, we've debunked 3 of the most common myths about this malicious software.

Myth 1: Ransomware attacks are targeted

While it is true that some ransomware attacks target specific institutions and organisations, the majority of them are actually random. The main channel for distributing ransomware is spam email, as cybercriminals hope that their victims will unknowingly download their ransomware and compromise their private data. The majority of ransomware attacks via email begin with someone clicking on a suspicious link or opening a malicious attachment, which is why it is vital to keep up with security measures and never compromise on spam filtering or anti-virus software.

Myth 2: Firewalls provide 100% protection for your data

Ransomware can target your database from a variety of angles and not all of them are covered by a firewall. Firewalls only function as a perimeter to prevent unauthorised access to data. If this harmful software is introduced into your network via trusted channels, such as email, USB sticks or downloads, you'll need additional protection.

Myth 3: Endpoint Protection will protect you from all threats

A lack of visibility on endpoint protection can be detrimental to your security if you make the mistake of relying on your end-user to report your security problems. Due to a lack of user education or technological complications, you could fall into the trap of failing to bother exploring where your ransomware problem comes from or the reason for it. In order to amp-up your protection from ransomware, make sure that you are able to respond to endpoint incidents and look for the root of the problem by increasing visibility.

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