How to detect a virus in your network

16th Dec 2020

How to detect a virus in your network

Managing network security is a cornerstone to running a successful business in the digital age. Without secure computer systems, your organisation is vulnerable to ransomware, virus, and malware attacks, which could potentially cripple your business operations.

Prevention is better than cure, that’s why it is important to keep alert to potential breaches in your network's security. Take an active role and be mindful of the following:

Cyber Security Policy

Develop a cyber security policy for your business. This should cover:

  • assets that you need to protect
  • threats to those assets
  • rules and controls for protecting them, and your business

Automated systems

As part of your business’ cybersecurity plan, a professional antivirus software or endpoint protection (such as a Sentinel One) should be in place by default. These systems keep your IT department or contractors up to date with alerts and automated reports, which typically include a summary of blocked attacks and quarantined files.

If it seems as though there is an increase in the numbers of prevented hacks or attacks, an internal network and security assessment should be conducted.

Changes to system behaviour

Check and identify any unusual activities that may damage your business information and systems. Ensure staff feel comfortable with reporting any behavioural changes or unfamiliarities as soon as they notice them.

Unusual activity may include:

  • accounts and networks are not accessible
  • passwords are no longer working
  • data is missing or has been altered
  • hard drives have disappeared from the network or are out of space
  • computers keep crashing
  • customers receive spam from your business email accounts
  • staff receive pop-up ads while browsing the internet

If one or several of these activities occur, it is time to investigate and call in the experts.

What next?

For your business to thrive, your network must remain secure. The above recommendations are necessary to help maintain a breach-free network, but for complete peace-of-mind, it's always worth enlisting the help of cybersecurity experts. Give G2IT a call today on 1300 325 487 or connect on Facebook and LinkedIn.