Essential Eight for Perth based businesses

27th Oct 2021

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has developed mitigation strategies to help organisations protect themselves against cyber-attacks.

G2IT can assist you with implementing the Essential Eight Maturity Model

The Essential Eight are designed to protect Microsoft Windows-based internet-connected networks but G2IT can develop mitigation strategies for businesses in Perth, Fremantle and Esperance using alternative systems.

They consist of eight security controls on three levels:

  1. Preventing attacks
    1. Application control to prevent the use of unauthorised software
    2. Patching applications to close security vulnerabilities
    3. MS Office macro settings to block untrusted macros
    4. Application hardening to protect against vulnerabilities
  2. Limiting the extent of attacks
    1. Restricting admin privileges to limit user access to systems
    2. Patching operating systems to close security vulnerabilities
    3. Multi-factor authentication to protect against hacked accounts (for example with Yubico)
  3. Recovery
    1. Backups to maintain the availability of critical data
    2. Monthly, weekly, or daily schedule
    3. Restoration of systems, software and data from backups is tested regularly

Organisations are encouraged to achieve a maturity level that makes sense for the organisation’s risk management level. To identify the required level, a risk audit and/or a cybersecurity audit is required.

Which Maturity Level for my business?

How you achieve the Essential Eight Maturity Model for your business depends on the individual circumstances and business environment. A small restaurant has different needs compared to an offshore oil rig or public library. This is where G2IT can help.

Individual solutions to achieve the Essential Eight Maturity Model

Our qualified technicians can review your current business set-up, identify vulnerabilities, and provide solutions that are tailored to your circumstances and to your budget.

What do I get from working with G2IT?

  • Essential Eight level appropriate to your business’ needs
  • Reduced support cost through managed services agreements
  • Increased security, stability, and manageability of your systems
  • One-stop-shop for IT support and hardware
  • WA based with offices in Fremantle and Esperance
  • Australian owned

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